Information Technology

inconspark India suites are based on the building block process, which allows you to implement as much or little as required. These important data processing features spring from the dedication born of a strong work ethic and a natural sense of enterprising innovation.

We cater to areas such as:

  • Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Database Development/Administration
  • Mobile App Development
  • CRM Software
  • Web Design and Development
  • E-Commerce Development

Mobility & Telecommunication

With current technological advancements, mobile application development services have gained immense popularity. Therefore, our goal is to empower organizations with developing mobile strategies and technological plans under mobility software services for global use.

Our Mobility software allows you to connect with other computers or mobile devices via text, video or audio formats in either a synchronous or asynchronous manner.

inconspark India Mobile application development services deliver custom applications using existing and emerging technologies that easily integrate with any application platform. We offer mobile application development services for various platforms including iOS and Android.

Application Development Services Include:

  • Web Applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Android Applications
  • iOS Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • BlackBerry Applications

Engineering Technology

inconspark India do not solve problems, they execute engineering solutions.

Today the infrastructure and engineering is strained to its breaking point by new technologies, ever-changing customer needs, and shrinking budgets. Staying ahead of the competition requires an engineering that is flexible and scalable to respond to this dynamic environment while delivering enhanced customer experiences.

As new digitally adopted business models disrupt the industry, our engineering leaders and challengers are looking at finding newer ways of sustaining their competitive advantage.

Finance, Banking & Accounting

We at Inconspark India Financial Services sector are a booming and dynamic industry of today’s times. syscom softtech Software has successfully assisted a number of businesses from the Accounting, Banking, Investment and Insurance sectors by the competitive and dynamic financial services industry.

Medical (Healthcare)

Inconspark India services and solutions, built to meet the ever evolving needs of the Healthcare industry, provide cutting edge insights, contextualize customer experience and deliver superior customer engagement.

Inconspark India provides predictive analytic solutions and services that transforms data into actionable insights, helping healthcare organizations create the understanding that drives change through Healthcare.